About Mark K. Mellis

I grew up in Glendora, California.

I served in U.S.S. Sperry AS-12 , U.S.S. Dixon AS-37, U.S.S. O’Callahan FF-1051, U.S.S. Guardfish SSN-612, and U.S.S. Ethan Allen SSN-608* in the U.S. Navy as a Machinist Mate.

I attended the University of Washington, where I studied Physics.

I have a lovely wife, Jana, and three wonderful children, Kevin, Luke, and Rachel.

I provide information security consulting services. Check out my LinkedIn profile for the details.

In the past I have worked for Calaway and Brooks, Ridge Computers, Mips, Stratus, NCD, Vixie Enterprises, GNAC, Stanford University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Digital Insight, and SystemExperts Corporation, InSpeed Networks Incorporated, and countless consulting clients.

I’ve done a little writing for Usenix.

I dig Berkeley-flavored Unix, the Apple Macintosh, Lava Lights, rubber chickens, the Stanford Theater, listening to jazz, and socializing with my friends.

Perhaps my favorite pastime is reading.

Drop me a line if you’re so inspired. I love to hear from old classmates, shipmates, and long lost friends.

  • Yes, the Ethan Allen was an SSN, not an SSBN, when I was a member of her crew.

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